Sarah Wooldridge - Recent Projects

Since July 2007, Sarah has been working as a Design Consultant on the redevelopment of a Victorian mansion in Caversham in Berkshire. Sarah's responsibilities include sourcing tradespeople to complete the refurbishment aspects of the project, and adding her expert design knowledge to decorate the house, once the building work is finished.

The refurbishments undertaken include a new roof and a new mega-flow heating system. The house has been completely re-wired with the addition of Cat 5 cabling – connecting every room to the internet, stereo system and TV. Sarah has overseen the installation of the new kitchen and suggested the conversion of the upstairs box room to a shower room. To enhance the view to the garden, which was designed in Spring 2008, French doors have been installed in the sitting room.

To maintain a mixture of old and new, many original features have been retained, such as the fireplaces, with Sarah adding new textures and objects to complement both styles.

Upper Woolhampton, Berkshire

Avalon, the former Douai Abbey School in Upper Woolhampton, West Berkshire, features 59 homes, 33 of which have been converted from the original listed school buildings. Within the development, the old Abbey itself has been converted to apartments, while houses have been built in the Abbey grounds, in small groups, designed in the same style as the original buildings.

A number of apartments have been decorated by Sarah Wooldridge Design, and now the team is adding their creative expertise to one of the houses. Refurbishing ancient buildings is never without its complications, and the Avalon development is proving no exception to the rule. The sandstone walls meant that drilling to install curtain fixtures was not feasible, so special tools and fittings had to be used.

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