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Sprucing up your home with made to measure curtains can change the entire look of your room and make your design and decor feel new all over again. Whether you want a seasonal refresh or an entirely new look, a makeover can be achieved with beautiful custom curtains rather than a redesign of the space. 

Made-to-measure offers many benefits, including complete customisation to the dimensions of your windows, the ability to tailor the look, and endless design idea possibilities. We realise the sheer quantity of options can be overwhelming, so where should you start? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed but selecting bespoke curtains can be a breeze with an experienced professional on board.

Choosing Colours and Fabrics

The fabric you choose will dictate your curtain’s function and longevity, including how well it holds up in sunlight. If the room gets a lot of light, avoid bright colours that will fade faster. Fabrics like linen, silk (or faux), and velvet hang well and are durable whilst regulating room temperature. of course, what the room is used for will determine which fabrics are best. For example, keep out the cold with suede or velvet since their weight keeps heat in, or something lighter with lining can work in the same way. 

Which Length is Best?

Deciding how high above the window you’d like the curtains to begin is an art in itself and can also impact how a room feels and is perceived. Hanging panels higher or wider than the window will give a sense of altered proportions to the room, with the effect becoming quite dramatic depending on how high or wide the curtains are hung. For a traditional look, you might puddle the curtains on the floor by ensuring they are longer than the drop, or for a modern look, stop the length before.

Curtain Cleaning

Another aspect to consider is curtain cleaning and deciding whether to get dry-clean only or machine washable fabrics and finishings. Have a think about your lifestyle and how often your curtains will need to be cleaned – a family with children and pets will require more cleaning than an adult household for example.

Need a Home Consultation?

The best way to spruce up your space and get the finest made-to-measure curtains for you is by having a professional visit for a home consultation to take you through your options and determine the look you want to achieve. They will help you decide on fabric, curtain rods, and finishings to complete the look and ensure excellent crafting to your specifications. If you are taking the DIY approach, think about what you want your room to say about you and how it can complement your lifestyle. Then be sure to choose the best quality fabrics that will last.

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