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Judging by the sunshine and the bird song outside this morning spring is finally here, and our days are about to get longer and lighter; something we’re all going to want to take advantage of as much as we can. With that in mind, we have created the guide below to help you maximise the light and privacy in your home using your curtains or blinds.

When choosing window dressings you will first want to consider the window itself and also the functions you require in terms of light and privacy. Too much sun and you can find yourself with an uncomfortably warm environment. Too little light and you’ll struggle with dark rooms and a constant need to switch the lights on. Getting it right is vital. Once you have the correct window dressings however, it’s then about learning to control the light whilst still ensuring your privacy needs are met.

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Letting Light In

If you’re looking to enjoy as much light as possible then it’s worth considering sheer fabrics for your curtains or blinds. Not only will this allow plenty of light to filter through, but it will keep prying eyes out too. They can also be added behind dress curtains to create a touch of luxury with a layered window treatment.

Another option for maximising light in your home is Venetian blinds, or wide slat blinds. You may also want to consider blinds with metal slats for the simple reason that they can enhance the light entering the window even further.

All these window treatments will allow you to enjoy an abundance of light while controlling your privacy levels through slats or sheer materials.

Keeping Light Out

If light is beginning to become a problem, say for instance, in the living room where there is glare on the television, then you may want to look at different options. Narrow slat blinds are ideal as they block out light without shutting it out completely and will help maximise your privacy too.

Perfect for those who demand complete darkness, blackout and dim-out curtains are ideal for creating a bedroom environment harmonious to sleep. the additional liner will block out sunlight completely. 

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