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When it comes to soft furnishings, and cushions in particular, it can be all too easy to simply purchase straight off the rack, but what about made to measure cushions? Here at Sarah Wooldridge Design, we create bespoke curtains, blinds and soft furnishings for the entire home – including cushions. We can create cushions of any size, shape and in any material. We cater to your exact needs. 

While made to measure cushions will undoubtedly cost slightly more than off the rack, we believe the benefits far outweigh the cost and in fact, when you look at it in more detail, we’ll show you how made to measure cushions may actually save you money in the long run. Here are the numerous advantages of made to measure cushions and why you should be considering them for your next soft furnishings upgrade…

Choose Your Own Fabric

While you can walk into a store and pick a ‘colour’ or ‘pattern’, you’re never going to find pre-made cushions made to your exact specifications. This will mean having to compromise on your chosen shade and style. With made to measure cushions however, you can choose your own fabrics, which encompass your exact colours and your exact choice of pattern. No more compromising. Instead, you get to enjoy your chosen fabric, whether it’s a heavily patterned cushion or specific blue to match your current theme. We will find you only the very best options for your decor, style and taste.

Enjoy Bespoke Sizing

It’s no surprise that ‘off the rack’ cushions will often come in standard sizes. But what if you want a particular size that fits your bespoke armchair? What if you’re looking for an odd shaped cushion that isn’t the standard square? That’s where made to measure options can help. Not only will they be quite literally ‘made to measure’ for your particular size requirements but they’ll also be made to fit any shape you desire too. Forget having to conform to the standard sizes and shapes of cushions and instead, get exactly what you want.

Choose the Amount You Want

Have you ever been to a soft furnishings shop and found a cushion you like but they don’t have the amount you want? Perhaps it’s an end of line collection that won’t be released again so you have to compromise or leave disappointed. With made to measure cushions you can simply instruct teams such as ours to make the exact number of cushions you need. Do you need an odd amount? That’s fine. Only want one? That’s fine too.

Enjoy Better Quality

It’s no secret that made to measure cushions are of far superior quality compared to the mass-produced products you’ll find in your local soft furnishings store. We use only the best materials and the finest craftsmanship to provide you with the best finished product every time. Whether we’re making made-to-measure cushions, bed throws, curtains or anything else for that matter.

Save Money In the Long Term

While made to measure cushions will cost you more initially, the superior quality will ensure they provide you with a longer lifespan than off the shelf cushions. They’ll fit better, last longer, wash better and stand the test of time in a busy household so you’ll have to replace them far less frequently.

Contact Us Today

Would you like to find out more about made to measure cushions? Then contact us at Sarah Wooldridge Design today. Our incredible team will be only too happy to help you bring your cushion ideas to life, providing you with soft furnishings that aren’t just high quality but look even better than you imagined. 

Enjoy quality craftsmanship and true expertise every time, as we gently guide you to your perfect finished product. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01628 333 400. Find out more about our soft furnishings service here.

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