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Blackout curtains are designed to block light or direct and bright sunlight no matter what time of day, prevent drafts, and boost energy efficiency in your home – with so many benefits, what’s not to love? If you or a loved one is a night shift worker, a light-sleeper due to light sensitivity, or even to cool air that radiates from the windows at night, these curtains would be a great addition to your home. Alternatively, they are also great in a TV room or home cinema space to prevent glare and reduce sound echoing around the space. 

Usually crafted from dense or layered fabrics such as velvet, felt, or suede, you can select from either a stand-alone curtain or a liner added to regular curtains for the same benefits with a different look than the standard black. Whether for your bedroom, media room or another space to block light, Sarah Wooldridge Design can help you select a set from our extensive range to your specifications and desires, ensuring they fit the style aesthetic of your home flawlessly. 

While blackout curtains, blinds or drapes generally entail a more significant cost investment initially, they pay for themselves in the long run with energy savings and preventing sun damage to your other home furnishings and fabrics.

Blackout in Colour

To block light effectively, room-darkening window coverings are traditionally made from a dark, heavy fabric, but that look doesn’t work for every home or space. Fortunately, a great tailor can make the modern blackout curtains in many colours with a vast array of curtain top styles available. the fabric used for room darkening curtains has also improved, so forget the plastic-polyester feel – now there are softer, less static options.

Which Colour Palette Is Right For You?

Choosing the right colours and patterns really comes down to your own personal style as well as how you want your room to feel. Here at Sarah Wooldridge Design, this is something we help advise on time and again, as many clients feel quite intimidated when it comes to choosing fabrics. We can provide you with a much wider colour palette to choose from, offering you colours and patterns you may have never even considered. Our team knows what works and what doesn’t and when using our services, you automatically gain access to this knowledge and experience.

Liner Blackout Curtains

It is possible to DIY your own room darkening curtains by adding blackout liners. You can do this by hanging the liner on the window side of your curtains on a double rod or alternatively clipping them on the existing rod. Liners often come in black or white, so if there is a standard your window coverings need to adhere to from the outside, white may be the required option. Adding the liner is a great way to quickly add the benefits of blackout capabilities to your home without the need to change your curtains. 


When having the installation done for you, blackout curtains will be installed the same way as any other curtain or window coverings. If you are doing it yourself, it’s important to measure beyond the window frame to ensure the curtains can do their job correctly with no gaps and that the light will be blocked as required.

Curtains Care

Spot cleaning with a damp cloth or steam. Do not wash, iron, or put in the dryer and always follow curtain label care instructions if there is one.

Sarah Wooldridge Design can create bespoke blackout curtains for any room to suit your style. Visit us in-store or book a home consultation where one of our experts will guide you through the process.

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