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Curtain Poles & Fixings

Whether Your Home Has Bay Windows, Shaped Windows Or Bifolding Doors, We Have Curtain Fixing Solutions to Suit.

We bring you only the best curtain poles & tracks to complement you new bespoke made to measure window dressing

Curtain Poles

Available in metal, wood or perspex and with a wide range of colours, stains and finishes, curtain poles offer a classic solution for your curtains. They can act as statements or blend into the surrounding room, accentuated by a range of simple to elaborate finial styles. Poles can even be bent to fit around a bay window, or be corded or motorised for a range of accessibility options.

Curtain Tracks

Where the size of your window limits your options, or you want a curtain fixing which appears to blend seamlessly into your wall or ceiling, curtain tracks are a brilliant and versatile solution. Available in a range of profiles and colours, we can help you find the perfect solution.

Pelmets and Laths

Looking for a more decorative effect? Pelmets and fabric covered laths can be created in an array of sizes and shapes, to fit perfectly in your window space. a fantastic option to disguise the mechanisms needed for complex or unusual windows, pelmets also offer a beautiful dramatic finish to a space, especially in tall rooms or used in conjunction with floor length curtains.

Motorised Solutions

From mains wired and plug in motors, to solar or rechargeable battery powered options, motorised tracks and poles offer a fantastic option in a tech savvy space. They can be touch operated, remote or wall switch controlled, and with WIFI links even connect to phone apps and voice operated systems including Alexa and Google.

We’ll Guide You Towards True Perfection With the Right Curtain Poles & Fixings For You & Your Window Treatments.

Here at Sarah Wooldridge Design, we’re committed to offering the highest quality poles and tracks for both contemporary and traditional spaces. With many years experience involving curtains, blinds and soft furnishings, we offer the best solutions for any size, shape or age of window.

We go out of our way to source the best quality possible, ensuring they are robust enough to stand up to the job and complement your curtains and blinds perfectly. With so many options out there we understand that it can be daunting to find the right choice, however with our experience and knowledge we’ll help you towards the perfect solution.

We ensure every pole and fixing used complements your style and size of curtain, as well as the fabric and room itself. With Sarah Wooldridge Design, you can trust in our expertise to guide you towards excellent style.

curtain fixings

Our expert team will guide you through designs and fabrics as well as taking detailed window measurements all from the comfort of your own home.

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Our Process


From hand drawn wooden poles to mains wired invisible tracks, we’ll advise you on the best fixing solutions that not only suit your window dressings but your personal style.


We’ll measure your window spaces accurately including degrees and depths, to guarantee a perfectly made to measure solution.


We’ll give you as much information as possible regarding the selection available to you, the best options for your particular window dressings and the look you’re wanting to achieve.


Our friendly team of fitters will install your curtain poles and fixings with ease and efficiency, giving you complete peace of mind.

High-Quality Curtain Poles & Fixings to Match Your Made to Measure Curtains

Here at Sarah Wooldridge Design, we ensure every aspect of your window dressing is covered by our 12 month guarantee, whilst providing a truly bespoke service.

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