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Designer Curtain Ideas, Styles & Inspiration

Enjoy beautiful made to measure curtains that will enhance your room with innovative designs and elegant fabrics.

We’re proud to create exquisite curtains, made to order by our incredible team with luxury fabrics & unique designs

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleats are our most popular design, available as single, double or triple pinches. They create an elegant appearance and allow the curtains to stack beautifully when drawn back.

Wave Curtains

A truly fashion forward style, wave curtains are great with sheer or voile fabrics across large picture windows and extensions. a soft continuous fluid movement is created with this look.

Eyelet Curtains

With the curtains starting above the pole, eyelet curtains achieve a casual and contemporary effect which stacks tidily when open. the added fabric above the pole means this heading works best on floor length curtains.

Trims & Contrasts

Braid and beaded trims can be added to any of the edges of your curtain. Fabric covered buttons can feature in your pinch pleats. An increasingly popular option is to apply a contrast leading edge or bottom edge to your curtains with a bold colour or textural variation.

We Create Bespoke Curtain Ideas, Styles & Inspiration That Will Enhance Your Living Space with Beautiful Designs & Provide a Wonderful Practical Solution

From fabric options to style and design, there are many different options to choose from, but creating beautiful window solutions is actually much easier than you think.

Our team will take you through every step, guiding you to ensure your dream curtains work with your room and the window space they’re intended for. We’ll spend time with you, getting to know the space we’re working with to ensure we not only meet your expectations but exceed them with beautifully designed, made to measure curtains that will look at home for years to come.

Here at Sarah Wooldridge Design, we’ll provide you with our expert advice throughout, from design through to creation and installation. by getting to know you and your home, you can rest assured that whatever image you have in your head, we will bring it to life.


We Also Offer

Cartridge Pleat Curtains

Cartridge pleat curtains create a very contemporary look. the pleat can sit flat for a very thin stack when drawn back, or be lightly padded for a more wave like effect. the soft wave mimics the wave heading but with the strength of a pinch pleat design.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

The pencil pleat is a simple design for the more budget conscious shopper. the curtains are hung and then strings pulled to create a bunched and pleated top. a great option in a casual domestic space when paired with a novelty or illustrated fabric.

Box Pleat Curtains

A box pleat, or inverted pinch pleat, creates a flat effect across the face of the curtains, which then folds forward when the curtains are drawn back. a clean and versatile option which works best on textured or woven fabrics.

Goblet Curtains

Goblet curtains are particularly well suited to curtains with a long drop. They’re luxurious and formal, making them a beautiful option for country houses and period buildings.

Tab Curtains

Tab top curtains, rod pockets and cafe curtains all use the fabric to create a space for the pole to sit through, and remove the need for curtain rings. a very casual option, these are best suited to curtains which do not need to be drawn back, such as voiles.

Dress Curtains

Want the drama of beautiful curtains and the practicality of a blind? Dress curtains add focus to your window space and work brilliantly with a sheer curtain or roman blind behind for a practical solution.


Our expert team will guide you through designs and fabrics as well as taking detailed window measurements all from the comfort of your own home.

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Exquisitely Designed Made to Measure Curtains

Our designer curtain service is there to provide you with complete personalisation, resulting in custom made curtains that will enhance every size and shape of window.

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