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Bespoke Headboard Designs

Whether you have a super king divan in your master bedroom or a single bed in your spare room, we can complete your bed with our bespoke headboard designs.

We can create exquisitely designed upholstered headboards that will complete your room.

Divan Beds

We can create plush headboards designed to be attached to your specific divan bed frame. From the perfect measurements to the most complementary materials, we’ll craft bespoke headboards designed to suit you and your bed frame.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted headboards can also be crafted, allowing you to change your bed frame as and when you wish while your bespoke and handmade headboard stands the test of time. This is an excellent option for larger and more dramatic headboard designs.

Pole Hung

Pole hung headboards aren’t just a beautiful design and comfortable addition for your bed, but can also provide a beautiful focal point in the room. Especially suited to cottages and rural locations, they add tradition with flair.

Wooden Frames

In some cases wooden framed beds can have beautifully upholstered panels and inserts created to achieve the comfort of a fabric headboard. Just ask our team for details.

Our Team Will Guide You Through the Options Available and Help You Decide On the Perfect Bespoke Headboard Design For You and Your Home

The popularity of exquisite boutique hotels with their plush decorative upholstery has seen a huge rise in demand for headboards. Available in a range of size from the practical to the dramatic, most headboards obey a rectangular or square basic structure.

Straight, curved, or ornate edging adds detail, along with decorative piping and trim. Fabric choice allows huge freedoms in design, giving opportunities for bright and elaborate fabrics to be indulged in.

From exquisite and sumptuous materials to provide you with the ultimate level of comfort when sat up in bed, to beautiful fabrics that will make your headboard a feature all of its own – our bespoke headboard designs will always be one of a kind and created to suit you and your home.

From stud work to quilting, ruching, pleats, texture and more – we’ll ensure every detail is tended to, leaving you with a beautifully produced, made-to-measure headboard that’s as individual as you and your home.

headboard designs
headboard designs

Our expert team will guide you through designs and fabrics as well as taking detailed window measurements all from the comfort of your own home.

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Custom Made

All of our headboards are custom made to your specific requirements. Our team will be on hand to provide you with hints and tips to get the very most out of your space, and with our guidance we’ll produce your ultimate piece to truly complete your room.


We upholster headboards in virtually any shape or size. Whether it’s a winged headboard or making up part of a sleigh bed, we’ll ensure we find the perfect materials to finish the completed look.


The details are just as important as the main design. Sumptuous edging provides a flair of detail in forms from piping and contrasting trims, to the quilting, stud work and pleats and covered buttons. the beauty is in the detail.


Our friendly team will be on hand to fit your headboard when we’ve completed your design. Whether it’s being attached to a divan bed, pole hung or even wall mounted. We’ll provide you with a professional and flexible service.

High Quality Headboards Made to Measure

At Sarah Wooldridge Design, You Can Trust In Us to Provide a Truly Bespoke & Quality Service That’s Individual to You.

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