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Bespoke Handmade Lampshades

We can create bespoke handmade lampshades to match your home’s interior

We can create stylish lampshades using the most exquisite fabric to create exceptional pieces that complete your room


When creating our bespoke lampshades, we can provide you with virtually any style. All of which will be crafted by hand by our incredible team.


Adding a pop of colour through your lampshade is a great way of introducing a focal point without taking over the room. Equally, gentle neutral colours are ideal for those wanting a softer approach.


There are so many different fabrics to choose from, all of which provide their own benefits. We can craft your lampshade in materials to match or complement your current window dressings.


Not only will we craft a lampshade to your own style, we will construct the perfect lampshade to suit the exact position you intend for it. From large dramatic drums to provide a real significant piece, to small petite bedside lamps.

We’ll Help You Achieve Exactly What You’re Looking For With Sumptuous Lighting That Transforms Your Room

Lighting can transform a room in an instant. From large significant pieces such as ceiling drums to traditional trumpet shape lampshades, the choices are vast, which means here at Sarah Wooldridge Design, we can provide you with handmade lampshades, designed perfectly to suit you and your decor.

From box pleated to oval options, all of which are available in a wide range of sizes, you can trust in us to ensure your lampshade doesn’t just add to your room’s aesthetic but completes it.

We’ll provide you with a selection of materials that we believe will complement your current window dressings and soft furnishings, while ensuring it offers the functionality you’re looking for – from soft reading lights to statement pieces.

Our passion for bespoke hand-crafted lampshades, amongst other soft furnishings, has led us to become experts within this field, allowing us to truly play with fabric and design to create memorable pieces that last a lifetime.

handmade lampshades
handmade lampshades

Our expert team will guide you through designs and fabrics as well as taking detailed window measurements all from the comfort of your own home.

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From the beginning, we’ll get to know you and your home, to give us the best base from which we can design your perfect lighting. Whether we’re working with your current lampshade frame, or creating from scratch, we’ll show you what can be achieved with our expert team.


All of our designs are bespoke and handmade, providing you with exquisite materials and high-quality craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for a pendant lampshade on golds and silvers to complement a metallic interior or fabric diffusers to soften the light, we’ll ensure it’s achieved.


From large ceiling pendants to small bedside table lamps, statement drums to traditional trumpet shapes, as well as square, box pleated and even oval options; we’ll provide you with access to a wide variety of designs that can all be tailor made to suit you and your desired look and feel, giving you the ultimate lighting option that simply cannot be bought ‘off the shelf’.


From mixing and matching lamp bases with different shades to incorporating incredible fabrics that transform your lighting in exquisite ways; we know that lighting can transform a room completely and with our bespoke lampshades, that’s exactly what we’ll achieve for you.

Custom Made Lampshades Just For You

At Sarah Wooldridge Design, Our Bespoke Handmade Services Will Promise You Quality At Every Stage, With Compliance Throughout.

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