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Curtains & Blinds Cobham

Sarah Wooldridge Design: Experts in Made-to-Measure

Bespoke Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds in Cobham, Surrey

Cobham is well known for its famous residents, beautiful homes, and being rather grand, but there’s more than glitz and glamour going for this beautiful area. the village has a fantastic variety of local shops with all manner of treasures on offer for visitors and locals alike. Homes on the River Mole banks and the edges of Painshill Park and Chatley Heath are full of charm and elegance that compliments the area’s history.

With various architecture from bygone eras, the village has an eclectic feel among the residences there. It’s also been home to many artists, writers and poets, who have written in-depth about the area’s charms. Cobham’s most well-known historic home is Church Stile House, from the 17th century, which is still standing as a homage to the local construction of those long-ago times. 

However, in the modern era, we know that homeowners in Cobham still love tailoring curtains, blinds, soft furnishings, and complete home makeovers because Sarah Wooldridge design has completed so many locally. We love taking your unique home’s bones and creating a cohesive look so that your decor is cosy and comfortable while being modern or traditional as suited to your taste.

We can design your entire home or help select the perfect materials from our vast range for your curtains if that’s all you need. to get started, all you need to do is book a home visit with us – our expert will bring samples and ideas and help guide you through your selection. 

Beautiful Bespoke Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds

Bespoke and perfectly tailored to suit you. Every one of our clients receive a truly personal service, bringing you the finest curtain supplies anywhere in the UK.

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