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Bespoke Made to Measure Bay Window Curtains & Blinds

If you have a bay window and you are looking for curtains or blinds
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We will guide you through the whole curtain & blind design process for bespoke bay window curtains and blinds

Bay window curtains and blinds can be tricky to get right. Whether you are having curtains, blinds, or both, in your bay window, there are the typical considerations that you would get with any window dressing. Things like materials and colour schemes, as well as the general style and finish you want to achieve.

The shape of a bay window can make it quite difficult to find curtains or blinds that give a perfect fit. In most cases, buying off the shelf is not a practical option. It is a lot more simple and practical to work with a professional curtain and blind company. Bespoke made to measure curtains and blinds for bay windows will give you the best chance at getting something practical that also works with the decor.

Here at Sarah Wooldridge, we are happy to discuss your wants and desires to bring your ideas to life. Our main aim is to deliver a bay window dressing that suits your space and your taste.

We also want to make sure you get the best functionality too. Talk to us about how you use your space and we can help you find the perfect window dressing that your lifestyle and your interior. You can get in touch with us to book an appointment to discuss you requirements in more detail. 


We can discuss your design preferences and guide you through the range of different fabric types, patterns and colour palettes that are available. We can also talk about your space to find a solution for your bay window that will work best with your lifestyle.


Bay window measurements can be more complicated than you think. It is best to let our experts measure your window area because no two bay windows are the same. Our professionals can account for things like obstructions and odd angles so we can be confident that we have the exact proportions for your bespoke bay window curtains and blinds.

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All our bespoke bay window curtains and blinds are handmade in the United Kingdom. We have professionally trained teams who have delivered exquisite window dressings and soft furnishings in a variety of properties from cottages, to stately homes. We always make sure our clients receive a bay window dressing that is executed to the highest standards.

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Our installers have been achieving customer satisfaction with our bespoke bay window curtains and blinds for decades. They have specialist tools to make sure you receive a tidy and efficient service, as well as a great finish. We know that our fitters are working with measurements that were taken by us, so everything will fit properly when it comes to installation. They have specialist tools to make sure you receive a tidy and efficient service, as well as a great finish.


We have an expert team who will guide you through designs and fabrics as well as booking a time to come and take detailed bay window measurements.

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Beautiful Bespoke Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds for Bay Windows

Our Bespoke Made to Measure Service Means You Will Get a Window Dressing That Is Perfectly Tailored to Suit Your Bay Window. Every One of Our Clients Receives a Truly Personal Service. This Is Why We Have a Reputation As One of the The Finest Bespoke Curtain, Blind and Soft Furnishing Companies In the Berkshire.

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