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Where space or light are an issue, or simply because of their clean crisp lines, blinds are a popular alternative to curtains. But when choosing blinds for your home should you go for off the shelf or invest in made to measure? What are the benefits?

Off the shelf are precisely as their name suggests, straight off the shelf. They are pre-made to standard sizes and generally cater to the wider homeowner with regular windows, and perhaps regular tastes in interiors. Made to measure blinds, however, are made to order. They are created to your exact specifications, from size and shape of window frame to fabric and functionality. So, whilst you may wonder if it is worth spending a little more on your window dressings, there’s a whole host of reasons why it’s well worth the money. Let us explain…

Better Fit

There are very few windows that come in a standard size, which makes buying window treatments off the shelf a lot harder than you may think. Made-to-measure blinds, however, are made to fit your specific window frame. This not only helps keep the light out and protect your privacy, but it can also help increase your home’s energy efficiency, by keeping heat in the home and cold draughts out. a made to measure blind supplier will give you the peace of mind that they will expertly measure your windows, ensuring your blinds fit perfectly and eliminating costly measuring mistakes.

Our team of fitters at Sarah Wooldridge Design have decades of experience and specialist tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient fitting service. We offer expert advice throughout, from the positioning of the blind to fabric and pattern choices, down to the technical aspects of winding mechanisms, fitting, and compliance. Whatever the challenge we can find a solution, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Greater Choice of Fabric

While you may have a choice of different colours and patterns with off the shelf blinds, you will never enjoy the true range of fabrics on offer to you when you choose made to measure blinds. Custom made blinds are exactly that; made according to your desires, which means giving you a choice of different fabrics, from sheer to blackout and everything in between, as well as a range of colours, patterns and more. 

With decades of experience and knowledge, Sarah Wooldridge Design can help advise on the best styles, colours, and fabrics for your blinds, bringing your vision to life. We offer a sample ordering service so you can check that tones and shades work well together, feel the textures and be sure that your pattern choices complement each other.


When you opt for custom made blinds, you will also get the choice as to whether you would like a liner or not. If you would like to truly block out the sun, then an additional liner made from a blackout material can be amazing, and not necessarily something you will have the choice of when purchasing pre-made blinds.

Create Your Own Design

Made to measure blinds will totally transform your window space and come in an array of styles and designs. a bespoke blind can be made to your exact tastes, whether it be exquisite luxury or homely comfort. Sarah Wooldridge Design will gently guide you through the design process to deliver your vision with creative solutions and timeless elegance. We will help you create your own design for your home, adding the perfect finishing touch to your interior.

Superior Quality

While made to measure blinds may cost a little more, they should be considered an investment. Made to measure blinds are built to last and will, when looked after, last you many, many years. Compared with the relatively short shelf life of pre-made blinds, it makes perfect sense to pay for quality.

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