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Window coverings really can make or break the design aesthetic of a space, and with so many blinds to choose from, we have decided to compare two popular styles to start you off.

Roman and Venetian blinds are both attractive for many design aesthetic styles, and each offer advantages. Both have been used in window design for a long time, so they can fit into both traditionally styled homes or spaces that are more modern. They both come in various styles, fabrics (for Romans) and wood (for Venetians), so selection between the two depends on your requirements. So which one might best suit the style you are trying to achieve? Let’s have a look.

Roman Blinds

Often constructed from thick fabrics, Roman blinds were used historically to keep dust from the streets out of houses. Now they are a beautiful window covering option for a variety of homes and rooms. Modern Roman blinds provide value for money while filtering or entirely blocking light.

The fact that they are available in so many materials and are very attractive has ensured their popularity. There is a range of pleat designs to choose from too, which can dramatically alter their look. They can be installed inside or outside the window recess to give different looks. With a host of fabrics and pleating styles to choose from, including the option of lining, this style is perfect for bedrooms and living areas, adding sophistication to your décor regardless of whether it’s a traditional or modern space. 

Venetian Blinds

Brought to Venice in the mid-18th century by Persian traders, Venetian blinds have a slatted design and offer total light filtration while providing extra levels of privacy. Made primarily from wood, aluminium or plastics, and robust construction with a choice of slat sizes, they make a durable window covering option.

The range of material colours makes these a popular choice for many spaces. the slats are also easy to maintain with a simple wipe down, or if there are issues, each slat can be individually removed. They have a sleek and contemporary look that works well across many spaces, including bedrooms, offices, kitchens and living rooms. Metallic or plastic Venetians are also suitable for bathroom humidity.

Which is Better?

Your specific need best determines the blind style to choose. For example, if you are selecting blinds for a bathroom or kitchen where humidity is a factor, aluminium or plastic Venetians are best. Likewise, metallic Venetian blinds are ideal for giving a room a modern, minimalist vibe or perhaps would also work well in a professional office space. Conversely, Roman blinds work better in a contemporary bedroom or living room as the pleated fabric design provides a warm, finished feel.

Other selection criteria may include how much light you want in the room. If darkness is required, it’s worth considering Roman blinds with thick fabric. If control over the light levels is preferable, Venetian blinds give this flexibility. 

For further help and advice, make an appointment with a Sarah Wooldridge Design consultant who will help you select the perfect blinds for your space.

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