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Wave curtains are a contemporary style of folding curtains which are simple and elegant as they have no gathering, bunching or pleating along the top, just a gentle waved curve that falls in almost liquid folds. This look can work with modern and traditional decor, but as with any window coverings, they need to be made well to look good. the attention to detail that a made-to-measure specialist will give to your wave curtains will mean they look fabulous and last for a long time.

What is a Wave Curtain?

The wave is along the top of the curtain gather, and there are several types of waves that can be fitted that each provide a slightly different look and style, including pencil, pinch, or double and triple pinch pleats. Wave headers gather in soft rippling folds and look far less formal than other styles, creating a relaxed feel. Wave curtains work very well in large living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, although they can suit any room depending on your other decor.

Additional Wave Curtain Benefits

Wave curtains are great for tall windows or where there is limited space. the curtains can also be fitted onto the ceiling instead of the window frame, so your windows will feel even taller and the unstructured wave allows your curtains to open neatly. Waves can also be made in a range of fabrics, whether you want a blackout option or a finer option to let more light in for a brighter room.


Speaking of Fabric, it’s vital to get it right. a soft wave curve will never look great with a stiff or heavily embroidered fabric that weighs down the shape. Suitable fabrics drape well and include soft sheers, cotton, voiles, and silk. It’s best to test your material by bunching it at the top and seeing how it hangs – if it falls in fine lines, it will look great hanging. If it sticks out in an awkward or unpleasing way, then it’s a no go.  


Headers are an essential consideration for your wave curtains and can come in a range of options. 

  • Single pleat: inspired by minimalist design that will allow your waves to appear very softly curved. They match almost any interior, requiring less fabric. However, they work best with a lighter and thinner material.
  • Pencil pleat: a classic option with the heading tape sewn to the back of the curtain to gather in small, pencil-sized pleats to create an informal look. Best for light and thin fabrics.
  • Wave Header: no visible pleating or hooks give a minimalist look and are gathered for the wave fold.

As there are a host of options and ways to dress wave curtains, it’s best to get advice. Sarah Wooldridge Design can craft made-to-measure wave curtains for your home and seeking advice from one of our experts is as easy as calling us or visiting us in-store. Our team has decades of experience advising on all things curtains, blinds, and soft furnishings and will guide you through the process.

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