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Our homes feel so different in the summer compared to the winter that it makes sense to change our curtains and decor to suit. With temperatures currently soaring, anything that can relieve a bit of heat is imperative. the same goes for when the temperature plummets in the winter.

Window dressings that complement both practically and aesthetically will ensure your home is the most comfortable it can be all year round. For example, in summer curtains that can cool the house are best, while insulated varieties are ideal for winter. Curtains also help control light, sound and temperature, both of which vary seasonally. Having biennial curtains is also a cheap and efficient way to change the personality of your home, and suitable colours for the season will give your decor a makeover.

So, where to start?

Changing curtains seasonally provides an inexpensive revamp while being a functional and necessary element of your house maintenance. Curtains can help regulate and control room temperatures, so it makes sense to have different types for summer and winter.

For summer you should go for light and airy brighter colours in breathable fabrics like voile, cotton or linen. Winter benefits from heavy drapes in rich earthy tones so great options for your home curtains are wool, velvet, and polyester materials. Think about whether a room needs darkening or possibly heat reduction. Windows usually benefit from winter heat efficiency and heat-reflection in summer. There’s also the benefit of removing curtains seasonally to give each set a deep clean and prevent bacteria and grime from building up. 

Summer Ideas

  • It’s all about colour: Pastels or bright colours are a great summer option as they lighten a room. 
  • Sheers for light: summer is perfect for embracing sheer curtains as they let light in but offer privacy in the evenings. They also pair well with blackout blinds.
  • Blackout curtains: During hot summers, blackouts help filter sunlight and keep the room cool but consider light colours to keep that summer vibe.
  • Light fabrics: This is an imperative consideration for summer curtains. Cotton and linen are soft and easy to maintain, giving a light feeling to your space. 
  • Curtains without lining: Summer curtains can be made without heavy linings and will still block some sunlight. the caveat to that is, for longevity, linings will help with fading from direct sunlight.

Winter Ideas

  • Go thick: Thick curtains help with heat loss from doors or windows, ensuring heat stays in and making the room feel cosier. This can be achieved with an appropriate weight single or double layer curtain as the air trapped between layers provides excellent insulation.
  • Use winter door curtains: Hot air looks for a fast escape route, usually door gaps, so covering these will maintain heat in the house.  
  • Use a blackout curtain: Made of dense or layered woven fabrics, this is an essential curtain for winter as it helps insulate a room by blocking cold air. 
  • Choose the right colour: Colours can absorb hot or cold air too, so go for a colour that gives you what you are trying to achieve in your space, including bold coloured prints.

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