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Blinds are a fantastic window solution for a wide range of interiors. Where space or light are an issue, or simply because of their clean crisp lines, they are a popular alternative to curtains. When it comes to choosing the right fixings for your bespoke, made to measure blinds, it will all depend on various factors, such as the type of blind and what kind of opening you are fitting them in. Whether you have opted for roman blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds or even curtains, there are different mounting and installation options for each, with their own pros and cons. 

How you choose to mount your blinds will obviously have an impact on the level of light control but also on the functionality of your windows and doors. It can also change the appearance of your room. the guide below is to give you an idea of the different options for blind fixings and how they work, from face fixed to recess fixed and even ceiling fixed…

Face Fixing Blinds

The term Face Fixing simply refers to mounting on the face or the front of the architrave of the window, the door or any opening. Whether you have hardwood timber or MDF architraves, installing ‘face fixed’ or ‘face fit’ can offer specific light control benefits. These benefits include…

  • Providing you with more privacy and ‘blackout’ effects as the fabric is reverse rolled onto the tube and therefore sits flat against the wall itself. This is the case with roller blinds and roman blinds, both providing you with the highest degree of blackout. 
  • This particular style of blind fixing or fitting is ideal for bedrooms, where light in the early morning through gaps in blinds can let light into the room.

Recess Fixing Blinds

Recess fixing means that the blind is mounted on the inside of the window frame itself. This ensures the blind sits neatly within the space and is often preferred by those wanting a more minimal look.

  • Allows for both under rolling and over rolling, if you have enough clearance. 
  • By installing into the timber window frame itself, you provide a much stronger fixing than if you were to fix to the architrave.
  • Recess fixing is perfect for roller blinds or Venetians.
  • The brackets and hardware are often more concealed with a recess fixing, giving you a tidier appearance.
  • Recess fixing can leave room for additional window dressing options such as curtains should you wish to layer.

Wall & Ceiling Fixing Blinds

While fixing blinds into plasterboard may sound like a crazy idea, in some instances there is simply no avoiding it. a good example of when this may be needed would be if you had floor to ceiling glazed windows. Drilling into the window frame itself would not be advised as it could ultimately void your warranty. Therefore, heading into the plasterboard via the wall or ceiling would be the better option. While it is a last resort, there are benefits to this option…

  • This option can create the illusion of a larger window space.
  • It avoids drilling into the window frame itself and keeps your warranty and windows intact.
  • Perfect for floor to ceiling window spaces.
  • Can also be used to layer a recess fixed style blind.

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There are numerous ways that blind fixings can be utilised and the ones you choose will depend on the blinds you use and the way in which you want them hung. Thankfully, while the thought of choosing the right blind fixing may be daunting, our team will be only too happy to help you find the right ones. Decades of experience allows us to find creative solutions for almost any window shape and style.

If you’d like help choosing, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. Or better yet, rely on our team of experts to provide you with a professional and friendly installation service that takes care of everything for you. For more information on our bespoke, made to measure blinds, and our professional installation services, contact us at Sarah Wooldridge Design today on 01628 333 400.

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