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One of the questions we encounter from time to time is “why are bespoke curtains and blinds so expensive?”. The short answer is because quality is sewn into everything we do. We have created this blog post to help our customers understand more about what goes into creating the perfect bespoke window dressings.

Experience & Craftsmanship

Here at Sarah Wooldridge Design, we have been creating bespoke, made to measure window dressings for over 30 years. Our decades of experience allows us to create beautiful solutions for the most challenging of windows. Each project follows our well-considered process to ensure our standards are maintained, from consultation and measuring up, right the way through to installation.

Every curtain and blind created at SWD is individually hand crafted by our skilled team, who have extensive knowledge and experience of the creative process, as well as the meticulous care and attention to detail that results in a perfect finish. Consideration is given to all aspects of the project, from getting an accurate fit at typically unevenly sized windows, to selecting the ideal pleat size, precise pattern matching and design placement, as well as selecting the perfect hardware and installation processes for the space.


The materials, components and hardware that we use to create our bespoke curtains and blinds are all of the highest functional and aesthetic quality. This ensures that our work has the premium finish that customers expect from a bespoke service, and allows our pieces to look as beautiful in ten years as they do on the day of installation.

Our long standing relationships with world renowned fabric houses including The Romo Group, GP&J Baker and Designers Guild, allows our clients to select from an extraordinary range of designs, styles and textures. Experience allows us to recommend the best cloth for individual requirements, and we always ensure the best quality to provide a superior look and feel when we look at the finished product.

Fitting and Finishing

The final appearance of our made-to-measure curtains is impossible to achieve without precise measurements. In our experience, window recesses usually have something unique to work with. This includes non-standard window dimensions and little obstacles that we must work around to ensure everything fits perfectly. It does not matter if windows are square, rectangular, round or arched, we can find solutions that create stunning window dressings for all window types.

Customer Service

Our customers value our professional experience and our ability to bring their vision to life. We take responsibility for all aspects of the process to make sure the finished product meets your expectations, as well as our own quality standards.

Many of our customers come from recommendations and we are incredibly proud of our reputation for delivering exquisite made-to-measure curtains and blinds. Over the years we have created window dressings for period cottages, refurbished properties, right through to exclusive new build mansions. All our customers receive the same commitment, expertise and attention to detail in achieving the perfect bespoke solution.

Finishing Touches

We know that made-to-measure services are not the cheapest option on the market. However, for our customers, receiving the best quality service, and achieving exceptional value in the quality craftsmanship of handmade bespoke curtains and blinds is ever important. We put a great deal of emphasis in making the process as simple and straightforward for our clients, and deliver stunning curtains and blinds that would be impossible to get anywhere else. Most of all we aim to create products which will wow family and friends, and make you proud of your beautifully finished home!

We welcome anyone reading this blog to view feedback from some of our previous clients. If you are interested in bespoke window dressings then our team is always happy to discuss your requirements, to see how we can help you bring your design ideas to life.

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